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OMG Cheating Varsity Student gets her PUNISHMENT – MUST READ STORY

cheating student

“There she goes again, looking at her neighbor’s paper! She is so obvious. She has to be the worst cheater ever. Now she is looking at me and acting nervous. If she looks at her neighbor again, I am taking her exam away,” Joe thought to himself as he sat at his desk, pretending to grade the previous period’s final exam. Hailey, the student in question, was sitting a mere three rows back and her nervous eyes kept darting to, and then staring at, her neighbor’s paper.

Out of the corner of his eye, Joe saw Hailey check to make sure he wasn’t looking, and then obviously look at her neighbor’s desk while she feverishly copied down their answers.

Joe stood up, buttoned his jacket, calmly walked over and grabbed Hailey’s paper without saying a word. He then walked to the back of the classroom nonchalantly. He could feel her angry stare on the back of his head.

He stopped at the back of the room, turned on the heel of his black leather dress shoe and surveyed his class. Forty or so high school seniors were sweating to finish their chemistry final exams. He saw Hailey slouched in her desk, twirling a strand of her long, wavy red hair while with the other hand she defiantly scribbled on her desk.

cheating student

“I will have to have her clean the desk after class as well,” he thought as he strode to the front of the class.

It made him feel good to catch cheaters. It was a constant challenge, and he loved it. He was damn good at it too. He cheated in high school quite successfully, so he knew all of the tricks of the trade. The cheat sheets written on skin, the stolen glances at papers, and now the constant attempt to look at a cell phone; he could sp0t all of these feeble attempts from a mile away.

He walked back to his desk and continued to grade more final exams. He ignored Hailey completely. He would let her stew on her indiscretion. At the end of class, he would see if she chose to come clean or lie. He couldn’t stand the kids that continued to lie even when they were caught red-handed. He respected the ones that knew they made a mistake and confessed to it. He usually went easy on those that showed some contrition. But the ones that lied to him? He would do everything in his power to make them pay.

He thought that Hailey would be one of the ones that denied cheating and possibly even display defiance. She seemed like the type that always got her way. She appeared to be pretty well-off. She always seemed to have a new outfit on that appeared to be stylish and of the highest quality. And let’s face it, she was very attractive; downright beautiful, to state the obvious.

Redheads can go one of two ways. They are either rather weird looking and unattractive, or they can be some of the most attractive individuals on the planet. And the really good looking ones seem to hold some kind of power. In the past, some people believed that redheads were witches. Joe wondered if these hot gingers didn’t have some witch blood in them.


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