Home Celebrity News Olinda Chapel’s Ben 10 Tytan spotted with a new girlfriend in Zim

Olinda Chapel’s Ben 10 Tytan spotted with a new girlfriend in Zim


Mukoko hit maker and socialite Olinda Chapel’s beau Tytan,caused quite a stir when an uncompromising snap of him and an unidentified lady friend made rounds on the internet.


On the picture Tytan looked quite cozy with the slender lady with their body language proving that there was more to it than just a casual moment. This follows shortly after Olinda went on a rant concerning her tumultuous relationship with her ex husband and rapper, Stunner.

Olinda bemoaned Stunner’s cheating ways and how she was all part of Stunner’s grand scheme in his quest for gold.Social media users have not hesitated to make their feeling known with one user taking to Facebook to slam Tytan, accusing him of being a gold digger and cheating on Olinda.


With Olinda having made her feelings for Tytan public including stating that she intends to have a baby with him among other romantic things committed couples do this might be a hard pill to swallow as history seems to have a knack of repeating itself.

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