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How to Ogasm: THIS is ONE S-E-X TIP women can master to guarantee ecstasy


Experts have revealed one trick any woman can learn to help her achieve ogasms in bed.

Learning to squeeze the v@ginal muscles boosts blood flow to area, increasing sensation and making your orgasms bigger and better than ever, according to the advice.

The advice states: “Once you’ve mastered the art of the squeeze try it while your partner is inside you, it can intensify your experience and even induce your ogasm. You can have full control over you cl!max.”

By exercising your pelvic floor, the same set of muscles that stop you from urinating, you can learn to grip your partners p3nis with your v@gina – increasing your own ogasms.


Sociologists have referred to the ogasm gap, which shows that men have three ogasms for every one a woman enjoys.

While 95 per cent of women say that their partners ogasm during all or most of their s_exual encounters, this figure is only 57 per cent for women themselves.

Psychosexual therapist Kate Moyle says: “When we are taught about s.e.x, we are taught the practicalities rather than the pleasures, so often a woman’s journey to ogasm is one of self-discovery and trial and error.

“The first step to owning your ogasm is knowing your body. It’s also about confidence, the confidence to be in the moment and to let go, and don’t be afraid to show your partner too. Owning your orgasm starts with you.”

The advice, compiled by Elvie – a pelvic floor tracker app – along with Kate, also suggests taking control in the bedroom to achieve orgasm.

It has been generally believed that women have more intense orgasms – but a scientific survey has put that myth to the test and found a surprising result.

The study found that men and women’s orgasms seem to be exactly the same.

Science has also suggested the female orgasm is a cunning trick used by the female body to weed out the genes of less desirable men, which means if you’re not making your girlfriend orgasm your DNA may just not be desirable enough.

Women’s bodies actively differentiate between men with good genes and men without, and an orgasm is a physical reaction designed to retain preferential sperm, according to the scientists.

The experts said this is “the proactive nature of female sexuality”.

The NHS says: “Most women don’t experience the recovery period that men do after an orgasm. A woman may have another ogasm if she’s stimulated again.

“Not all women have an orgasm every time they have s.e.x. For most women, foreplay is an important role in an ogasm occurring. This can include stroking erogenous zones and stimulating the cl!toris.”

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