LEBOGANG Moloi says her 47-year-old mum,
Annetjie, was sprayed with Doom insecticide by a nurse in hospital because they said she stank!

The 22-year-old from Evaton in the Vaal said her mum had been at Sebokeng Hospital for three months and was being mistreated by nurses. She found out about it after receiving an anonymous tip-off.

The source told Lebogang that nurses were also pinching her mum, not feeding her properly and leaving her nappies unchanged. Annetjie is being treated for TB of the spine and is paralysed.

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Lebogang said that after the nurse sprayed the Doom on her mum, she struggled to breathe and had chest pain for days afterwards.

“I was heartbroken by what the nurse did but I will pray for her because she doesn’t know what she has done,” Lebogang said.

Matshidiso Mofokeng (51), another patient at the hospital, said she is tired of the nurses treating them without respect.

“I was recently walking from my bed to a chair when I had to go to the toilet, but I was too weak to get there. I asked the nurse for a small container to relieve myself in. She gave me a container but didn’t help me at all. The right side of my body is paralysed so I had to use my left arm to balance myself.

“When I asked the nurse to help me wipe myself afterwards, she just turned around and walked away, saying she wouldn’t help me.

“I fell over and landed in my own kak. I have never been so humiliated. Nurses are meant to help us,” Matshidiso said.

Lesemang Matuka, acting head of communications, said according to Sebokeng Hospital management, they received a complaint from Lebogang Moloi about Doom being sprayed on her mother, Annetjie Moloi by hospital staff.

“Upon receiving the complain, the Quality Assurance unit immediately began investigating but unfortunately implicated staff are not on duty and they need to be available to tell their side of the story. Upon their return, the process will resume and feedback will be given to the complainant” said Matuka

“As the department, we encourage our staff members to treat patients with courtesy and empathy. It is however important to note that in the ward that Moloi is in, there is Doom which is used as an insect repellent,” Matuka added.

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