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Ntando Bangani using art to address ‘real’ issues


Despite being popular for his soulful love songs, afro-soul singer Ntando Bangani said he’s grateful that the new “revolutionary” direction in his music has been well received by his fans.

Speaking to our source the musician, whose latest offering Mayibuye has received general acclaim said he felt it is about time music addresses societal issues.

Ntando Bangani

The musician, whose album’s name means let (the land) return, was initially scared that the “new message filled” songs would not impress his fans. However, he said he has been pleasantly surprised at the reception of his new music.


The Nguwe hitmaker will be performing at the upcoming MAMS Arts Festival this weekend and said he looks forward to performing his fresh material and his popular hits.

The musician said he hopes that more musicians can use their platform to spark dialogue about issues that affect their community.

“I know that I am known for love songs, and I still have love songs (on my album) but I have been loving people’s comments. It has made me grateful to have made the choice to also sing about things that are happening in society, like the land issue.”

I truly feel that as musicians we are a given a platform, a huge platform to speak about anything really, but we choose to talk about mostly our boyfriends and girlfriends and how much money we have.”

I don’t want my children to grow up and ask the same questions I did about the land issue. The conversation needs to begin now so that they find progress.”

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