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Netcare: We didn’t employ ‘teen cardiologist’ arrested by Hawks


The Netcare Pholoso Hospital on Wednesday denied “reports that a teenager has secured a position as cardiologist” at the facility‚ saying that by law it “is not allowed…to employ medical doctors”

During a press conference held on Monday at MultiChoice City in Randburg‚ the duo spoke about how important it is for the show to address topics that are taboo in black culture‚ like depression.

Both Howard and Henson have become beacons in the Black Lives Matter movement across the globe.

Speaking to TMG Entertainment during a one-on-one interview at the swanky 54 on Bath hotel in Rosebank‚ Howard discussed the topic of economic inequality in South Africa.

“When you think about it‚ not even discussing what is taking place just inside America ‚ but if you look at what is taking place over here‚ after 25 years of democracy‚ the Native Land Act of 1913 — there’s been nothing given back to the people as a result of that.”



He went on to add that the issue needs to be addressed. “Couldn’t they give back one or two percent? Say we’re giving back 1% into education or 2% into medicals. But nothing has been given back to the people and the land that was taken from them. And so you have everybody matters. Everybody matters Give ‘em back some of the land. Give ‘em back some of the money.”

The actress meanwhile emphasised the importance of having conversations about race‚ no matter how awkward. “Without a conversation there is no solution. I feel like the truth will set us all free. You can’t keep hiding and pretending things didn’t happen in our past.”

The stars‚ who are friends outside of the workplace‚ admitted that there are times that they get onto each other’s nerves‚ but didn’t hesitate to explain what a privilege it is to work with one another. “How many people get to work with their best friend and somebody that they admire and always challenge‚” said Howard of Henson.

Henson added that Howard has the ability to push her on a daily basis. “I feel like Terrence gives me the best of himself. He challenges me. I like to be challenged. I don’t like easy work. He does that. Every day.”

They’re expected to visit Soweto today and host a VIP party on Thursday night in Johannesburg before leaving the country.

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