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Nelson Mandela is a sell-out: Sello Tladi


Pan Africanist Youth Congress of Azania spokesman Sello Tladi said former president Nelson Mandela was a sell-out, The Citizen reported on Monday.

“He betrayed us by rubber-stamping the 1913 Land Act through the adoption of (the) Freedom Charter,” Tladi was quoted as saying.

“The problem with the Freedom Charter is that it made African people to be landless.”

Tladi was reportedly addressing Pan Africanist Congress, Azanian People’s Organisation and Socialist Party of Azania supporters who had gathered at the Regina Mundi church in Soweto to commemorate Youth Day on Sunday.

Tladi said Mandela was greedy.

“… We have the majority of poor people dying of various diseases because they have no access to the expensive medication that Mandela is receiving.”

“What is special with Mandela that is not special with the ordinary man in the street on Soweto,” Tladi said.

Mandela was admitted to a Pretoria hospital on June 8 due to a recurring lung infection.

On Monday, he was spending his tenth day in hospital.

The African National Congress spokesman Keith Khoza hit back saying the comments were simply the view of an individual.

ANC Youth League national task team convenor Mzwandile Masina said the comments were unfortunate, insensitive and politically immature


  1. I thnk Tladi got a problem he must stop pointing fingers at Madiba nd we dnt even know him so he is a nobody

  2. This is true, Mandela is a sellout. Did u listen to Mugabe’s interview with Tambo. He is too saintly at the expense of the black people. he pleases his white masters. the black people suffer and were we leave there is no proper housing, roads and no electricity whilst the whire places are always being renovated. They busy eating money this ANC- thats why they kicked Malema out becoz he had the people at heart. ofcourse Malema was living good but when he got rich he never forgot his people

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