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Nakhane str!ps down in new music video


SAMA-award winning singer and movie star Nakhane Toure has never been shy to show off his body in his artistic music videos and once again had fans blushing with a steamy video for his latest single, Clairvoyant.

In the video Nakhane can be seen caressing and kissing a man while the pair are dressed in only their underwear.

It also features the pair sharing a bath tub as Nakhane stares into the distance.

Fans of the artist have hailed the video, praising it’s “incredible” visuals.

Nakhane made headlines recently when he played the lead role in a film, called The Wound (Inxeba) about the Xhosa initiation ritual and the intimate relationship that develops between three men undergoing the ceremony.

Nakhane received homophobic threats from critics of the project who objected to its portrayal of the Xhosa ceremony.