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Moneoa gives us the FINGER….pics


We know what the hand gesture means but in this case we not sure where its directed….. We love her all the same. She is new to others but she is very good all the same….. She is Moneoa…. see the picture she posted on her instagram:

Tbt #infamousclothing dressed by @Ms_Zikhali :)
Tbt #infamousclothing dressed by @Ms_Zikhali 🙂


According to her website, www.moneoa.com, Moneoa is a dancer by profession; but has followed her heart to singing, after her family and friends made her realize that her voice glides across chords as swiftly as her feet through a detailed choreography. Her voice is paradoxically chilling, yet soothing and her “feel good” music is an interesting blend of afro pop/neo-soul delivered through a rare, vulnerable emotional catharsis.

Befittingly her debut album is titled “Coming from Going to” and her storytelling lyrical style is jetted from track 1 to 14 by producers like Vusi Ndlovu from Odeum Production; Beatmaker & Dan Joffe from King and I; Nick Holder / Da Capo from DNH Records and Binary Boys from Voodoo Collective. Moneoa is a true musical talent with a distinguishably raspy voice that floats effortlessly on tracks and satiating purposeful lyrics that exude “Life” and Meaning.

Moneoa sexy
Tbt who’s yo daddy? Lol

She does look mighty fine!!!!! Ekasi LOVES her