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Mlungu policewoman is a master of xibelani

Mlungu policewoman

EVERY time Elize Dercksen gets on stage to perform with the other members of the Swinyeletani Xibelani Dancers, the audience gets a big surprise because she’s an mlungu!Mlungu policewoman

The 48-year-old cop from Elim in Limpopo said she fell in love with the traditional Tsonga style of dancing after being introduced to it by colleagues when she worked at Waterval Police Station five years ago.

“Most people don’t expect to see a white person wearing xibeleni clothes, let alone dancing to the beautiful music,” she told Daily Sun.

Most of the members of the Swinyeletani group are cops and they are led by Tinyiko Chabalala. Elize said she struggled to learn the moves in the beginning.

“I’m still learning but I think I have improved a lot and I’m as good as the next xibelani dancer.

“I really enjoy myself and it’s great fun,” said the mum of two.

“I thank Tinyiko for teaching me how to dance.

She is the best teacher you could wish for and she has never given up on me.”

Tinyiko described Elize as a natural. “Elize has really become one of the group’s main attractions.

“People are fascinated to see a white woman doing this dance,” she said.

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