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DSC_5473_158x240_BTHEY used to have a healthy sex life, but now his 4-5 doesn’t want to wake up and his wife believes he was bewitched by his nyatsi.

The 29-year-old wife from Tembisa told Daily Sun that last October she came home and found another woman doing laundry in her house.

The woman claimed to be her 35-year-old husband’s girlfriend and said he had invited her to the house.

“We started fighting and she kept telling me she was a married woman and my husband wanted her there,” the wife said.

“I tried to fix things with my husband, but I knew he was still seeing her because she would call and insult me.”

In November the nyatsi came back and claimed she was pregnant, but tests came back negative.

Now her husband is dead below the waist and nothing she does helps his 4-5 get up, she said.

“Sometimes we stay in bed all day, naked under the blankets, but nothing happens,” she said.

“We used to have a good sex life but we haven’t had sex in more than two months.”

Daily Sun called the husband for his side of the story, but he refused to comment and hung up.

Daily Sun contacted the nyatsi, who said: “This has nothing to do with me. When her husband was with me, his 4-5 worked fine.

“Maybe he is not the problem –  she is.”

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