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Mandela Mourners fought for food at Mbombela Stadium


Mandela Mourners fought for food and hurled insults outside the Mbombela Stadium on Tuesday where thousands gathered to watch a live broadcast of late President Nelson Mandela’s memorial service.

They were heard complaining that they had to get up early to catch buses at 06:00 that ferried them to the stadium free of charge.

“We were told to wake up early to catch a bus to the stadium to mourn our father Nelson Mandela but now they refuse us the food,” one mourner said.

Packs of food flew through the air as people grabbed it out of each other’s hands.

Sbusiso Zitha told African Eye News Service complained about how the caterers behaved.

“We stood here long and are so hungry. It is better that we force our way to the food,” he said.
Others said they would not eat food if they had to take it by force.

AENS was unable to get through the crowd to get comment from the harassed caterers.

The shoving was so intense that one of the vans was nearly pushed over.


– African Eye News Service

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