Home Scandals Man MADE a TOKOLOSHE (goblin, chidhoma) S3X SLAVE for 17 years

Man MADE a TOKOLOSHE (goblin, chidhoma) S3X SLAVE for 17 years

BERNARD Mmamabolo
Spending R250 000 on help from sangomas and prophets didn’t help. “When this tokoloshe appears as a man it sodomises me – and I wake up with an itchy bum!
“Most people I consulted said these happenings are signs that I must go and twasa to become a sangoma,” said Bernard.
“I’m no longer interested in women and have separated from the mother of my child.”
Bernard said the night horrors began with a bad dream about a group of snakes attacking him. In the dream he ran to the underworld where strange things happened and a woman with blood on her face wanted to make love to him. “But I refused, so she bit me. I was surprised when I woke up to find scratches on my neck and an itchy 4-5.”
Bernard says sadly that prayers haven’t protected him. “When I pray it appears angry in the dreams, and I know it will penetrate me that night. “I’m too scared to sleep these days as the horny tokoloshe gives me no peace. I am asking for help from SunReaders.”

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