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Man killed for R2

Bongeka Sokana

Khaliphile Dyosini had only R2 on him when he walked to the spaza to buy a loose draw, but he never got to buy the cigarette.Bongeka Sokana

Khaliphile (32) was shot and killed by an unknown thug on Friday evening before he got to the shop. After the shooting the thug took the R2 Khaliphile had on him. “Is this what a life is worth?” asked grieving Bongeka Sokana (22), Khaliphile’s girlfriend from Nyanga in Cape Town.

“It was about 8pm when he said he was going to buy a cigarette and would be back soon. That was the last time I saw him,” said the five-month-pregnant woman. “A few minutes later I was told to come quickly because something bad had happened. When I got there he was lying in a pool of blood. I tried to wake him but it was too late – he was already dead.

How can anybody kill for R2? We have a baby on the way and I don’t know what to do now.” Community leader Dumisani Qwebe said it is sad when people get away with murder. “Someone died in the same area a few weeks ago and nothing was done about that,” said Dumisani.

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