Home Scandals Man DIES from DRINKING too much ALCOHOL on Lunch Break

Man DIES from DRINKING too much ALCOHOL on Lunch Break

Alcoholic Young Man in Bar

A Chinese man died from drinking too much with his co-workers during lunch, it was revealed. The food and drug official in central China died after a working lunch in Huangsha township.

Alcoholic Young Man in Bar

Eight of his fellow workers were penalised for drinking during working hours, the disciplinary watchdog of Hubei Country said yesterday, according to a Xinhua report.

Six of the survivors, including the deputy chief of the food and drug administration for Tongshan County, received a formal warning. The seventh, the head of the local branch of the body, was dismissed.

Liu Jianxin collapsed and died during the team lunch on December 19.

Chinese officials are banned from drinking at lunchtime.

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