MALI Skhosana (47) says whenever he lies down he feels unbearably itchy.

Mali, who now lives in Boksburg, Ekurhuleni, believes he was cursed by a man from his hometown of Siyabuswa in Mpumalanga.

He said the man took sand from his yard and went to work on it and threw it back home during the night.

“I was still young back then but I was successful because I owned a small tavern and sold sweets and snacks.

“I remember the night when I heard funny noises in the yard but I assumed it was rain.

“I then heard rumours that the man who took the sand from our yard fought with his nephew, who later confessed that his uncle had bewitchedJappie Mali Skhosane 2_361x239_B us,” Mali said.

Mali moved to Joburg and continued selling snacks and sweets.

“I bought myself a shack and fought for a better life,” he said. But one day when he was relaxing on his bed, Mali said he saw hairy caterpillars on the floor.

“Now whenever I lie on my bed I feel something walking under my mattress. I feel it in my ear and I get a sharp pain in my eardrums.

Sangoma Mathabo Mofokeng said: “Mali suffers from isicito and needs to be cleansed from inside, because this curse must be tackled from within.”

Dermatologist Dr Omar Yunoos said there are different causes of itchiness, such as allergies or eczema.

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