Home Scandals Maid sends me na-ked punani pictures on WhatsApp

Maid sends me na-ked punani pictures on WhatsApp

Maid sends me na-ked punani pictures on WhatsApp

Maid sends me this punani picture – What do i do, should i tell my wife or i should just poke her? We have a maid and i was shocked when i received a whatsapp message last week that read: “Happy Birthday babes” and with it was this picture… But guess what it was not my Birthday Last week…


Now my big worry is was the message meant for me or it got lost. How do i ask her or how do i tell my dear wife… Don’t get me wrong she is beautiful and like any other man i would want to HIT that but i am scared… Maids always comes with scandals and chaos especially cases where they paint BMWs with words like CHEATER or stoning my Mercedes Benz…

Please share this for me on your website maybe your readers can help me decide on what to do with this s-exstarved MAID… So please hit the comments.

Thank You

That is the message and picture we got via email… What do you think? If it was you what would you do? Remember its the MAID but a hot maid?

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