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This week on Rhythm City – Lucilla Under Investigation

Rhythm City

Last week, Miles was investigated for Lesedi’s murder. This week, Miles decides to protect the real killer: Lucilla.

Rhythm City

Stofberg had bad news for Miles last week, he was now facing a murder charge. His blackouts made it difficult for Miles to remember if he was responsible for Lesedi’s death. But surveillance footage from Redemption’s security cameras showed that Miles was in the office when Lesedi died.

There’s only one other person who hates what Lesedi did more than Miles and it’sLucilla.

Lucilla confessed to killing Lesedi and this week, Miles tells her that they will get through this ordeal together. This means that he might decide to take the fall for her. But what if Stofberg doesn’t buy his act?

Byron decided to stay in town and protect Gail from the 66 gang but his will is tested when Gail receives something special in the mail: a piece of skin with a 66 tattoo on it.

Gail starts to think that Byron needs help and she runs to David. How will this go down with Byron?

Kop’s business is doing well but not well enough to quit his Redemption job and still be able to send Reneilwe to university. What will he decide?

Bash decides to get his life together and ask Suffo for a job. But this doesn’t go over well with Niki who is starting to get bored with being a housewife.

Will Niki and Suffo continue to clash over her working or will he give her a break?

Watch Rhythm City weekdays on eTV at 6:30PM to see how things turn out.

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