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Koketso and LK4?


The biggest story in the Ruby House has been the Koketso, LK4 and Beverly love triangle. What we know is that LK4 likes Koketso and she likes him back but then there is Beverly who also wanted a piece of LK4. However, it’s clear that Beverly has distanced herself from this couple and its drama but Koketso just won’t let it go.

We also know that on Day 6 Koketso shared a ‘special moment’ with LK4 During the Truth or Dare game, Koketso

Koketso and LK4
Koketso and LK4

and LK4 were dared to kiss. So they did. Koketso has been nagging LK4 for an explanation about his feelings for Beverly and the guy has been explaining himself over and over again- thus Koketso is a ‘NAG’

On Friday night, the couple made a decision that they would stop hanging out after Koketso accused him of dragging her into drama and putting her on the spot for Nominations. However, she voluntarily jumped into LK4’s bed who was already snoring at that time. LK4 confessed to Hakeem that he was just playing Koketso and all that mattered to him was the ultimate prize of USD300 000.

However, just after their second Nominations Koketso told Selly and Pokello that she’s not stupid and knows her boundaries. “I know he’s a typical guy and I feel like LK is trying to isolate me,” she confessed.
Has Koketso realised that the Ugandan lad is just using her or was she just telling the girls what she thought they want to know? Well, Selly and Pokello didn’t buy any of her sudden ‘Miss goody two shoes’ behaviour. The two girls both nominated Koketso; Selly told Big Brother that she had noticed how she (Koketso) was suddenly friendly towards her just because she was Head of House. “She’s not being real towards me. I don’t know what she and LK4 are up to,” Selly explained. Pokello said Koketso was not entertaining and her relationship with LK4 was causing too much drama in the House. Evidently, Koketso’s strategy of switching camps to be safe from the Nominations dagger was too little too late.

Sexy Koketso:


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