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King of Punani

The King of Punani has vacated his throne! Now, “King P”, real name Daniel Mahlaule, has ascended another throne as “King of the People”. The former ANC and DA member was last month confirmed as the Councillor candidate for the EFF in Zandspruit, a kasi situated north of Joburg.

Since his election as the Councillor candidate, King P has dumped his bad behaviour and changed his name to King of the People. King P said playtime is over, it’s now time to serve the people.


“The position I have been nominated for needs someone who is matured and serious about life. For me to be respected, I first have to respect myself,” he said. King P said he accepted the responsibility because he knows he can deliver.


He added: “I’ve been doing a lot of charity work in my area for a long time. It’s just that people who stay far don’t see it, but those who I live with know.

“But for me, it’s not about doing things to be seen, it’s about helping to uplift the community.”
King Punani


Last week, King P bought one of the primary schools in the area a gas stove and four pots.

“Another school has requested me to buy school jerseys for 20 disadvantaged kids,” he said.

King P told the People’s Paper he’s been doing charity work in other parts of Gauteng.

Sources close to King P said he has won many people’s hearts in Zandspruit.

A source said: “One of the factors that’s giving him on advantage over other candidates is that people are tired of other political parties. They want to give a new party a chance.”

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