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King Mswati wants 100 cows for his daughters’ hand

Princess Mswati

LIKE any other business, prices ­increase with inflation, but this time it’s not a business! King Mswati III has raised the price of lobola for his daughters from 60 to 100 cows!And some of his daughters are at marriageable age (inflation in business), now the polygamous monarch stands to increase his cattle herd.Princess Mswati

“Princesses are valuable commodities,” said King Mswati, according to Swazi media reports.The SunTeam took the matter to the streets and the people have ­spoken.“What’s important about his daughters? Even 60 cows was just too much! I believe 20 cows are fine because he’s rich already and people of Swaziland are hungry. He’s killing people’s pockets!” said Rosey Mncube (46).“Who’s going to afford 100 cows? He’s mad!Ten cows are enough,” said Meliwe Khulu (30).

Siphamandla Khulu (24) told Sunday Sun Mswati is playing with people.“What’s so special about his daughters? Does he monitor everything they do?” asked Siphamandla.“It’s crazy! That’s too much. King Mswati must just settle for 20 cows because he’s rich already!” said ­Thabile Mbambo (24).Thabile added that she would

understand it if the money was to help the poor ­people of Swaziland.Jimmy Nyaruwa told the SunTeam he feels the king is greedy.“He is rich already. What is he going to do with such a lot of money? He must just reduce it as 60 cows is also ridiculous,” said Jimmy.But Witness Khanyile told the ­People’s Paper: “I support him 100% ­because a chief should set the law in his house accordingly and that will also show the value of his chieftancy broadly.”

king mswatiWitness also told Sunday Sun that the king’s price of 100 cows is reasonable.“We look too much into politics and I believe that kings should be respected,” Witness added.Lucky Lukhele of the Swaziland ­Solidarity Network told the People’s Paper: “The issue pertaining to ­Mswati’s decision to increase the bride price for his daughters reflects his backwardness and his superiority complex in relation to the Swazi nation.”

Lukhele added: “We condemn this act. It is contrary to nation building and it promotes values that ultimately will destroy the monarchy as it will be further isolated from the nation it claims to lead.”Lukhele said the king’s materialistic portrayal of culture was the reason why young people were largely shunning marriage these days. And this, in turn, led to them engaging in casual relationships.

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