WHEN a lead character goes missing, it’s a nightmare for a soapie producer.KHETHIWE CUT OUT OF SCENE
Last Friday actress Khethiwe, played by Winnie Ntshaba, failed to pitch at the Generations studio!
And boss Mfundi Vundla was forced to rewrite an episode and cut scenes with Khethiwe in them.
When Khethiwe went awol, that just added to the heap of Mfundi’s troubles.
Sunday Sun has learned that the gatvol executive producer told his producers to drop Khethiwe’s scenes this week after she had failed to pitch for a shoot.
Khethiwe failed to report to work at the Henley Studios in Auckland Park as she was busy organising her Royalty Soapie Awards, which were held in Durban yesterday.
According to insiders on Generations, Mfundi became angry and threw his toys out of the cot when he told various departments not to pay attention to Khethiwe as she was absent.
Our mole said: “Winnie was supposed to have shot her scenes but she wasn’t available. She was called several times by the producers.
“She kept on telling them that she would come when she was done with her other commitments.”
It’s understood that the producers went to Mfundi and told him that Khethiwe was giving them the runaround.
Another source in the script department said that Mfundi got hot under the collar and asked for Khethiwe’s script.
“Mfundi was very angry and he shouted that her scenes must be dropped. He said that Winnie got big-headed when she started to deal with her Royalty Soapie Awards.
“Mfundi also read the riot act to the actors who were on duty on Friday. He said that he was sick and tired of people who think they are bigger than the soapie. It was scary!
“He also told wardrobe guys and the make-up department that they should focus on other actors,” said our insider.
The People’s Paper has also learned that Mfundi and his lieutenants decided not to discipline Khethiwe – as she is the darling of Generations fans.
“If Winnie was just a call actress, she would never have set her foot on the show again. Mfundi is scared that if his actors keep on leaving the show, he will end up with no one.
“He is now dancing to the tune of his actors! He knows that without them, there’s no Generations.
Another source said: “As you know, he begged Mawande and Kenneth Mashaba to come back, as his show is crumbling to ashes.”
Khethiwe this week said: “I ran late as I missed my flight. I was told that I can do my scenes on Monday as I ran late. Black people like pull-her-down syndrome.”
Mfundi said: “I’m not ang-ry at Winnie. We’ll catch up.”

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