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Kenny Kunene thanks God for BIG U-turn on pornography


SUSHIKing, Kenny Kunene, has made a BIG U-turn on pornography.
“My decision to cancel the porn  production is because my family doesn’t agree with the idea of pornography,” Kenny explained.

Kenny KuneneHe added: “I applied my mind to it for a very long time. Yes, it’s an
industry, but I’m a leader of my family and as a leader I’ve decided to listen to them.”
Kenny revealed to Sunday Sun that the preparations to lay the foundation to the sex business cost him R80 000-plus as he had to consult with various industry players.
“My pastor prays for my businesses and he questioned how he was going to pray for this deed,” said Kenny.

He told Sunday Sun that he would feel good donating money to the Church from a pornography production.
“The porn filming was going to expose these young girls to trauma because the sex industry is not good, especially for women.”
Kenny admitted that he was going to make porn filming a career if it was not for his family and he doesn’t regret the decision at all.

When asked how he would feel if his
daughter was to engage in pornography, he said: “I wouldn’t feel good. But everyone has a choice to make and I would support her.”
He told Sunday Sun he was also going to do his best as a father to try and seek help if his daughter was to engage in pornography.
When asked if he’s not scared to be sued about the recent attack on President Zuma, he said: “Sue what? He’s a public icon and he’s subject to scrutiny.”
He told Sunday Sun: “I thank God that I have listened!”

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