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Jansen facing possible impeachment over Facebook comments

North Gauteng High Court Judge Mabel Jansen faces possible impeachment over her 2015 Facebook comments.

The Judicial Service Commission recommended a tribunal to deal with the complaint against her.

This after the Judicial Conduct Committee had made the same recommendation.

Judge Jansen was involved in a Facebook discussion in 2015 with filmmaker and social activist Gillian Schutte on Schutte’s public page.

Among Jansen’s comments were a statement that 99% of the criminal cases she heard were of “black fathers/uncles/brothers raping children as young as five”.

Mabel Jansen

“Want to read my files: ra-pe, ra-pe, ra-pe, ra-pe, ra-pe, ra-pe of minors by black family members. It is never-ending,” she stated.

Schutte reported her comments, which were met with a public outcry resulting in a complaint of gross misconduct being laid against Jansen.

Her impartiality as a judge on black men accused of ra-pe has been questioned.

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