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JAMALI’S sexy Jacqui Carpede is going solo


JAMALI’S sexy Jacqui Carpede is going solo. She has already released a single, Fade Away, that’s a hit on the airwaves in Eastern Cape.Jacqui

“The plan is to release it in Jozi next week. I have faith that the fans will appreciate it. It’s about that one guy you just can’t get over. Everything around you reminds you of him. It’s something most people can relate to and dance to,” she said.

Jamali, which won the first Coca-Cola Popstars competition 10 years ago, was one of SA’s most successful girl bands.

Carpede says she had been thinking about breaking away since last year.

“We decided that we needed to grow our individual careers. We have other dreams that we would like to pursue. It’s a decision we made collectively.

“But if there is a demand for us to perform, and our schedules allow it, we will definitely get together,” she said of the group that has three albums under its belt.

She adds that fans will get to see what she is really all about for the first time.

“When I write a song I think about how I’m going to perform it on stage. I never planned this CD. I just went into the studio with my friend Vusi Ndlovu and we played around with some beats and before I knew it we had 10 tracks and they were really good.

“From love to friendships and past experiences, it’s all on this album,” said Carpede.

“It’s a reflection of me. I decided the time is now”Jacqui from Jimali

The complete album, Ready To Love,is an up-beat house dance album. It will be released later this year.

But that’s not all. Carpede, who has always dreamt of being an actress, will be gracing the small screen on Kyknet and e.tv in August.

“I’m also auditioning for another show. Acting is something I’ve always wanted to do,” she said.

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