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Isidingo previews for August


THURSDAY 1 AUGUST 2013: Palesa Motaung is sentenced to death. Prada is on the horns of his most dire family dilemma. Frustrated Lerato takes her future into her own unsteady hands.

FRIDAY 2 AUGUST 2013: Ben le Roux discovers that no good deed goes unpunished. Prada learns that his brother hasn’t been completely truthful with him. S’khumbuzo shows renewed interest in the welfare of Palesa.


MONDAY 5 AUGUST 2013: Georgie drops a bombshell to escape a long term jail sentence. Priya is desperate to prevent Prada from making a fatal mistake. Lerato becomes obsessed with the need to buy a car.

TUESDAY 6 AUGUST 2013: Georgie Zamdela, once King of the Deep, faces a crisis. Prada finds that changing yourself to suit others can have frightening consequences. Lerato finally has her eye on the ball, but can she pull it through?

WEDNESDAY 7 AUGUST 2013: Sechaba finds that fate deals him a very lucrative card. Prada struggles with his friend’s response to his decision. Lerato threatens to go elsewhere for investment in her business.

THURSDAY 8 AUGUST 2013: Benjamin is arrested. Priya decides she has to stop Prada getting married… but how? Sechaba enjoys being the new Georgie.

FRIDAY 9 AUGUST 2013: Eddie Holmes takes radical action against Katlego and Ben. Sunita and Jayesh arrive back with an unwelcome surprise for Prada. Lerato checks her new business premises for functionality.


MONDAY 12 AUGUST 2013: Just as Katlego thinks she rules the Sibeko roost, she gets the shock of her life. Prada discovers that marriage might not be all it’s made out to be. Lerato sneaks her big future plans into the most unlikely venue.


TUESDAY 13 AUGUST 2013: Lincoln and Palesa have a strange encounter. Prada discovers a disturbing side to Devina. Lerato pursues her madcap plan to conduct her business in secret at the Matabane home.

WEDNESDAY 14 AUGUST 2013: Priya learns that Prada’s father-in-law to-be might have a hidden agenda. Sechaba proves a natural at running Georgie’s operation in his absence

THURSDAY 15 AUGUST 2013: Calvin and Katlego play a dangerous game. Priya shocks everyone with her revelations at the family dinner. Lerato pursues Calvin despite his ducking and diving.

FRIDAY 16 AUGUST 2013: Lincoln cracks the whip with Katlego, but will she take it lying down? Prada starts to stand his ground, but more shocks come his way. Lerato takes bookings for her business that is about to open in Zeb’s house without him or Ma Agnes knowing.


MONDAY 19 AUGUST 2013: There’s big drama in the Naicker household as marital matters come to a dramatic head. Katlego tests the water around Lincoln and his affairs. Lerato’s dreams of a home-run salon are threatened.

TUESDAY 20 AUGUST 2013: Abhi is firmly in Priya’s sights as Prada moves focus to his future. Lincoln sets his chess pieces on the board and makes a significant move. Lerato’s publicity efforts might just backfire on her.

WEDNESDAY 21 AUGUST 2013: Priya’s mission against Abhi gains momentum and also a new recruit. Katlego watches with concern as Palesa continues to climb the Sibeko Gold ladder. S’khumbuzo threatens to divulge Lerato’s secret.

THURSDAY 22 AUGUST 2013: Abhi and his secrets grow like a sinister cancer. Barker is determined to profit from the imminent listing of Sibeko Gold. Lerato continues to use Agnes’s home as the site of her illicit business venture.


FRIDAY 23 AUGUST 2013: Priya is onto something and needs to step up her search. Lincoln Sibeko begins to reveal the extent of his powers of persuasion. Lerato continues to steer close to the wind.


MONDAY 26 AUGUST 2013: The lies and deceit take a tragic turn leaving everyone in shock. Lincoln discovers the true strength of his daughter. There is a strange smell in the Matabane home.

TUESDAY 27 AUGUST 2013: Rajesh isn’t the man people think he is but could be the man Abhi wants to know. Lincoln reveals his hand and Nikiwe is not sure she likes what she sees. Lerato finds living a double life is tricky.

WEDNESDAY 28 AUGUST 2013: Devina warns that people are not what they seem but everyone has pretty much made up their minds about Abhi. Nikiwe’s facade of emotional bravado proves to be all too thin. Lerato’s scheme for her private salon faces an inquisitive and dangerously close Ma Agnes.


THURSDAY 29 AUGUST 2013: Cornered, caught and compromised, will Abhi sing like a bird? Sibeko Gold, a proud example of the family name…Katlego not so much. Lerato finds herself in a sticky situation.

FRIDAY 30 AUGUST 2013: With all the confusion and drama around the wedding, Prada forgot to kiss the bride…until now. Lincoln Sibeko may have the SG Ladies under control but here comes much bigger problem. Agnes has a chat with Ayanda that Ayanda wishes she could take back.

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