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isiBaya previews for August


MONDAY, 5 August 2013: Mkabayi and Samson negotiate their uneasy alliance. Jackson works hard to allay Iris’ fears and they set up a joint bank account. Thandeka returns to JHB, but she continues to push S’bu away. Skhaleni gets a bad omen when he finds a black cat on his front seat.

TUESDAY, 6 August 2013: Mkabayi accuses Samson of taking bribes. Samson is (justifiably) outraged. Iris receives bad news about the judgement for the estate. Thandeka longs for S’bu but the threatening note pulls her back. Skhaleni seems to have come into some money. Samson consults with Sunday to make himself stronger.

WEDNESDAY, 7 August 2013: Tensions simmer, as the drivers converge on the valley for a celebration. Jackson’s financial woes worsen. Thandeka finally tells S’bu why she has been avoiding him. Skhaleni discovers the value of stinginess.

THURSDAY, 8 August 2013: Iris discovers Jackson’s deception. Sbu confronts his father. Samson turns to Sunday for help.


MONDAY, 12 August 2013: Will S’bu stay in the valley or go back to Thandeka?  A safety deposit key raises questions in the Zungu household. S’bu spends a night with an unlikely candidate. Someone ends up knowing all about it.

TUESDAY, 13 August 2013: Mgudluzi (hitman) is lurking on another man’s turf.  Iris challenges Jackson. Everyone fantasizes and wonders about the will.

WEDNESDAY, 14 August 2013: Iris and Jackson’s love nest finally shows some cracks. Mkabayi and the wives arrive in Johannesburg for the reading of the Will.  S’bu sees a business opportunity in fixing and selling a classic car. Mgudluzi disguised as a homeless man gets closer.

THURSDAY, 15 August 2013: The will is read out. Who gets what? Fezile unwittingly saves saves the day.  Shadrack discovers that Mkabayi is showing signs of jealousy over him. Booysens oversteps the mark again with Mimi. A stranger arrives and makes Ntandane uncomfortable.


MONDAY, 19 August 2013: The will reading aftermath leaves sad faces. Thandeka decides tradition can be fun if you make it your own.  She starts to like the idea of ukubonga indaba. Mimi discovers that Booysens and Sechaba seem to be in cohoots.  A secretly pleased Shadrack insists on boundaries with Mercy and Mkabayi.

TUESDAY, 20 August 2013: S’Bu and Thandeka tell family of their plans for ukubonga indaba. It’s never a dull moment with Iris and Jackson as their petty games continue. Ntandane finds a solution for the man that’s about to take Buhle from him.

WEDNESDAY, 21 August 2013: S’bu and Thandeka’s romantic plans are put in jeopardy, Ntandane must use his brains to defeat his foe and Jackson tests the extent of Iris’ tolerance

THURSDAY, 22 August 2013: It’s time for the ububonga indaba and love is in the air, but S’bu & Thandeka aren’t the only ones who’ve made plans.


MONDAY, 26 August 2013: The assassin strikes and the whole world is rocked, and then the real trouble starts. A strange and worrying prophet also arrives in the valley.

TUESDAY, 27 August 2013: S’bu leaves a broken hearted Thandeka to confront Samson. Grieving men are out for blood when they seek revenge for their loved one.

WEDNESDAY, 28 August 2013:  A drunk Ntandane interrupts the night vigil waving a gun and demanding revenge. Thandeka has a horrible ash dream and is unsettled when Mkabayi reveals that a prophet in kzn knows about it, and can help her. Samson asks S’bu to accompany him to a UTA meeting to ensure peace. Will their efforts calm the taxi drivers?

THURSDAY, 29 August 2013: Mkabayi is prepared for vengeance while S’bu questions his father’s perceptions of justice. The prophet gives shocking news to Thandeka about her father.

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