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In Pics: Lady Zamar back to her dreadlocks hairstyle


In Pics: Lady Zamar back to hair usual hairstyle. During her recent interview on Metro FM, the singer opened up about her future ventures, saying that she was working on switching up her look.

Lady Zamar has been striding in the music industry since she first made her debut a couple of years ago, but as she continues to grow her brand, her image has made headlines on various occasions for the wrong reasons, and she’s open to change.

“I don’t think that it’s something that people should concentrate too much on but I do promise to always look good this time around…” she said. We’ve always known Lady Zamar with dreadlocks but it seems that she is ready to rebrand herself.

She changed and with the look of things we think the new style wasn’t doing for her. But her fans had loved the new look, as her new look pictures went viral on social media just like what AKA’s new look did. But her recent pictures show us the old Lady Zamar we all know. The one with the dread as her hairstyle.


Check these new pictures of her she shared with her fans on her Instagram account. It seems she is going back to her original dreadlock look. At least she tried and maybe it didn’t work out for her.

Lady Zamar

Looking stunning in that dress



Lady Zamar

What I call freedom🚶‍♀️

Lady Zamar

The Queen, such an adorable soul, Your Voice touches me deep Whenever I listen to your Music.

Lady Zamar

How do you become so beautiful and gorgeous at the same time? Number 1 fan #mybaby, a message from one of her fans.

Lady Zamar


Source: Instagram/News365coza

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