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I come out TOPS any Day – Sonia Mbele

Sonia Mbele

Actress Sonia Mbele says despite the new wave of “it” girls in the industry, when it comes to her talent, she comes out “tops, any day”.

Sonia is on the cover of the August issue of True Love Magazine. In her cover story, she touches on many personal issues that the media and the public have never known about it.

“There’s a new crop of women who have emerged now. They boast a huge following on social media and are very popular but when it comes down to the craft, I come out tops, any day,” Sonia told the publication.

Sonia Mbele

She explained this by saying that she comes from a very different school of acting, and so she never worries about her “comeback”.

Sonia also spoke about re-branding herself as Sonia Mbele after her divorce from wealthy businessman, Leslie Sedibe.

“These days I conduct my business as Mbele. When viewers first met me back in 1998, they knew me as Sonia Mbele. So I want to reintroduce them to the young woman they fell in love with. I’m still Sedibe though: my children still use that surname and belong to it. Plus, I made it famous!” she said.

She addressed the issue of people expecting divorced women to fall down because they no longer have husbands to lean on, especially as a well-known personality whom the media was portraying as “down and out”.

“There’s a perception that after divorce, women lose out because they married for financial security. I’ve never struggled with money so that stereotype doesn’t affect me.”

In addition to her much publicized divorce, Sonia also spoke about having been through an immense amount of stress.

Sonia recently suffered a minor, stress-induced stroke.

“I suffered from panic attacks and anxiety breakdowns. I stressed about how to transition from the life I lived to a new one, where I was now alone. I was scared,” she revealed.

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