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Huawei band 6 strap smartwatch variants

Huawei band 6 strap smartwatch variants

Bewildered due to the dozens of products in the merchandise, and if you are in search of a smartwatch that should have all the features and qualities a mobile phone has and searching for such a unique product then we have a piece of thrilling news for you. Huawei Company is introducing one of the most accurate and a fitness tracker that not only maintains your daily exercising routine but also plays a key role as your mobile phone. Huawei Band 6 strap announcement has made a big victory in the market of all the smartwatches. Its shape and prime features are grabbing attention. Huawei band 6 has always been in bringing impressive features to your wrist just at a cheap price. This wearable wristwatch has sophisticated health features and a wide range of comprehensive tracking facilities.


Huawei band 6 carries a magnificent specifications range. This watch has a body size of 43mm x 25mm 10.99mm along with a single side navigation button. This wearable wristwatch is lightweight and easy to put on your wrist as it carries 18 grams of weight. 5 ATM water resistance makes it perfect for all-day swimming purposes.it provides a 10-day heavy battery usage and the charging is done with the help of a magnetic charger. Such a healthy battery life provides you a non-interrupting working capacity. Huawei claims that just 5 minutes of charging provides you enough guts for 2 days to operate various tasks. The Sharp 1.47 inches AMOLED display is amazing. Besides, it has 194 x 368 pixels providing you a better resolution. One of the foremost things in the Huawei band 6 strap is it is compatible with Android 6.0 and IOS 9.0. Huawei band 6 also supports Bluetooth 5.0. This wristwatch is available in different colors including Forest Green, Graphite Black, and Amber Sunrise.


Huawei band 6 wears just like a smartwatch and it makes you feel that you are wearing a smartwatch instead of a fitness tracker. A high-resolution display and AMOLED panel offers a visible and bright resolution in daylight and sunny conditions. Band 6 is also providing 96 various workout courses including even common exercise such as outdoor walk, kite flying, dragon boating, gym workout plans, and numerous other exercise modes. This brand has been the most appreciated smartwatch in pandemic due to its health-tracking qualities especially blood oxygen monitoring. Apart other health features can also be navigated including stress tracking, heart rate monitoring patterns, optical heart rate sensors, and cycle monitoring. Native sleep monitoring is one of the most admired features of the Huawei band 6. Your sleep data can be visualized directly from band 6 to keep a record of your sleep duration, sleep stages, and awake time. Its impressive battery health allows you to continue your routine exercises and daily health chores without any hindrance. Strong 8 to 10 day’s battery usage it remains up to 40percent reserve to continue your workout via a magnetic charger with ultimate fast charging.

General reviews:

To sum up the above-mentioned features and attributes of the Huawei Band 6, honestly, it will not be wrong to say that this band fulfills all your workout, sports demands, and daily routine by notifying you. Excellent battery health fast operating software and different monitoring modes make it more valuable and paced. The Latest Huawei band6 is a prime fitness tracker that serves you as a professional trainer. It not only maintains your programmed workouts and routine walk but also aids in provoking your health stability and fitness. You are recommended to avail yourself the Huawei band 6 to enrich your lifestyle with fitness goals. Solely it will be a positive step towards superiority and distinction.

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