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Govt CONDEMNS Pastor Daniel for Making People drink Petrol

Petrol pump

The Gauteng Provincial Government took a swipe at the ingestion of petrol by Legeso Daniels’s worshippers, decried the loss of South African lives in Nigerian during a church building collapse, and urged churches to play a role in building township economy.

Gauteng Infrastructure Development MEC Nandi Mayathula-Khoza said speaking on behalf of the Gauteng Premier, at Father Masango St John apostolic Faith Mission Church, in Soshanguve, west of Tshwane. She asked church leader Archbishop Petrus John Masango, to help pray for South Africans to recognise their own indigenous church the role they play in healing and community building.

“We bow our heads in prayer for the 68 South African souls who perished in Nigeria whilst there to pray. We ask the Creator to assist us to deal with the loss. We send our heartfelt condolences to their loved ones. But I don’t understand why the likes of TB Joshua should claim the sole ability to heal and prophesise ability to perform miracles. South Africa is based on democratic values of equality and justice. Hence we are a secular state, precisely because we an all-inclusive society,” the MEC said.

Turning her attention to the widespread reports about a Tshwane Pastor who feeds worshiper’s grass and petrol, Mayathula-Khoza said the conduct bordered on harmful religious practices.

“Some amongst us seem to think that we can’t tell the healing power of faith and the medicinal value of faith from harmful religious practices. If you go about feeding people grass and petrol, you must know that you are not a good shepherd. You are misleading the folk!

“Ingestion of fuel is corrosive and not only does it affect the intestinal territory, but also the nervous system. It causes excitement (high), as though someone who took on drugs. That would explain the strange behaviour reactions after ingestion in the people who drink petrol,” she said.

The MEC said the petrol also poses danger for the breathing system, resulting in difficulty breathing, aspiration pneumonia, etc. As for grass; she said humans cannot digest grass as it requires special enzymes, such as those in herbivore animals, which humans do not have.
She urged churches to form themselves into Non-Profit Organisations (NPO) so as you they can be able to access state funding to assist them to continue with the positive social development initiative that the churches are involved in to help the less privileged.

“In his State of the Province Address, the Premier of Gauteng Ntate David Makhura was clear on how we are to radically transform this society into the caring, developmental and people centred society we all aspire to.

“So; as the church you need to approach government as a partner not as beggars with a cap in hand. You must model the church as responsive agents of change and role players in the radical economic transformation and modernisation of our society. The church as a critical role to play as an education, economic and health service provider,” said Mayathula-Khoza.

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