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My girlfriend wants to wait 6 months for s.e.x


Dear MizzB

I am in a relationship with a woman I met four months ago.

Everything is going great, but whenever I bring up the topic of sex she shuts me down.

She says she wants to wait for six months because she would like to get to know me better. This frustrates me because I do not understand why she is making me wait for so long.


Bhut’ Maswidi


Dear Bhut’ Maswidi

Sex represents different things to different people, which is why we don’t have the same preferences.

It sounds like this woman wants to see what your true intentions are.

It is important to clarify what your needs and expectations are when you start a relationship so that your partner knows what you are signing up for.

Your partner wants more than sex. If you are not offering that, then you are with the wrong woman. Be patient because she might be worth the wait.

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