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Generations going sour.. Viewers


Last week we received an email from a one angry viewer who was saying that the local soapie Generations is lacking creativity. We thought he had his own reasons until we saw the story of an interview that Mike Mvelase (Khaphela) had and he was not so kind enough as he attacked the Generations storyline.

With what we saw I can simply say he was disgusted. I will quote:

“The writers of Generations are sending out the wrong message. What lessons are they teaching our kids with the characters of Senzo and Jason?

“In our constitution, gays and lesbians have rights but I feel it paints a bad picture for parents who must explain to their children why a boy is married to another boy. When you show a five-year-old boy that it’s cool for a boy to kiss another boy, what exactly are you teaching him?

The Generations we used to know and love.... This deserved number 1
The Generations we used to know and love…. This deserved number 1

“Now ask yourself, where are the morals and values in the soapie?”

“The storyline is way out of touch with our values, culture and morals,”

I am no doctor but with such statements I can sense disgust and anger…. Maybe that’s why he left! What a poor exit it was as well.

It didn’t end there, Generations executive producer Mfundi Vundla also had a few words to comment to former Khaphela and I quote:

“Mike, like all citizens in our democratic society, is entitled to his views but millions of viewers have made us the number one series in the country.”

He was not lying about being number one in the PAST but right now the viewers say Generations is going sour! When the story of Khaphela was published we put a small poll to see what readers and viewers think about the soapie.

It was a small poll but all the same I think it will matter in the future:



Do you think Generations Storyline is IMMORAL AND LACKS CREATIVITY?

  • YES – ( 75 votes )
  • NO – ( 8 votes )
  • Other – ( 0 votes )

Total Answers 83

Total Votes 83

That’s the poll result we got when we asked the viewers what Khaphela said about the soapie being ‘immoral’ and what another viewer said about it being shallow and lacking creativity.

Vundla you might show off about being number one in the past but if you keep this storyline your soapie is headed for number 50.

check out the poll here

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