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Generations Creator Mfundi Vundla is a SUGAR DADDY


Soapie Generations creator, Mfundi Vundla, likes beautiful young women, so it seems. Sunday Sun sources said Mfundi has been seen with two beautiful girls recently.

According to sources, his two buddies are Andiswa Kula and Vuyiseka Cawe.

Vuyiseka acts in the popular Mzansi Magic series, Rockville, and Andiswa is a model.

Two months ago the threesome allegedly went on a trip to Hong Kong to attend the premiere of The Lion King.


A source said: “Mfundi took Andiswa and Vuyiseka to Hong Kong where they had a ball with him. He booked them business class seats from Joburg to Hong Kong and booked them into the expensive Royal Plaza Hotel in Hong Kong.

“He paid for VIP tickets for the girls, where they watched The Lion King together. He also took them to Hong Kong’s Disney World where they had fun.

“Mfundi was in their company but kept a low profile. The two posted their pictures on Instagram, making their Mzansi friends envy them.”

A close friend of the girls said: “Mfundi captured every moment on camera while the girls were posing for pictures. He dined with them at top restaurants like Tiffany’s Chinese Restaurant. The girls don’t mind his company. He spoils them rotten and they love every moment.

“They’ve been Mfundi’s girls for almost a year now. He spent time with them in Durban, Cape Town and Knysna recently. We don’t know if his wife, Karen, knows the girls or not.

“The girls describe themselves as ‘partners in crime’ on Instagram and are just having fun with Mfundi, whom they regard as their sugar daddy.”

When contacted, an angry Mfundi said: “Don’t make things up. I’ve never been to Hong Kong. I’ve been in Mzansi all along. I don’t know those girls. Don’t interrogate me like that. Ngi mdala kuwe (I’m your elder). Amanga lawo (It’s all lies). Voetsek man!”

Andiswa was also angry: “Look, I was in Hong Kong with my friend, so I don’t know why it’s your business. I don’t know what Mfundi looks like. I’ll tell Vuyiseka to switch off her phone. Go to hell.”

Yesterday Vuyiseka said: “I won’t comment to all your questions, including the one about Mfundi.”

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