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Enhle Mbali talks about being a stepmom


Actress Enhle Mbali Maphumulo has revealed the kind of relationship she has with her stepson, Black Coffee’s teenage son and has described the difficulties and joys of being a stepmother.

Enhle shared the internal struggles she faces with how different it is to be a mother to their two small children versus being a mother to a teenage boy.


“It’s very hard being a mother to a teenager when I have only been a mother to toddlers. So I am having to skip so many steps to be a teen mom. So he gets away with a lot because I am always having to ask myself am I too nice, am I not being too nice? Am I being too stern or am I not being too stern?” she explained.

Enhle said that as a stepmother she has to tread carefully in their relationship.

“There’s a lot that happens in my psyche that I think a lot of stepmothers also go through. It’s a lot. He’s not ‘mine’ so I almost have to treat him a certain way so that he doesn’t feel unloved,” she said.

The actress said she has a very supportive structure to guide her on different aspects of life and she has learnt to also be confident within herself.

Enhle and Black Coffee held their lavish white wedding earlier this year after being engaged for six years. They have two sons together.

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