Home Scandals EMPD Traffic Wardens suspended after bribery video goes viral

EMPD Traffic Wardens suspended after bribery video goes viral


The video is showing the two officers in full uniform gyrating to loud music from the boot of a car with their lunch packs littered with banknotes. They showed off with the banknotes which they used as both serviettes and toothpicks.

As soon as the video came to the notice of management, the search for the two traffic wardens was launched and when located they appeared before the Chief of Police who immediately served them with pre-suspension letters.

Police Officers

A video clip with two EMPD Traffic Wardens in a jovial mood with music blaring from the boot of their car and their lunch packs scattered with banknotes went viral this morning. The two officers were identified, located and summoned to the EMPD Headquarters were they were served with pre-suspension letters this afternoon.


They have been instructed to appear before the Chief of Police on Tuesday, 31 October where they will be afforded the opportunity provide reasons why they should not be suspended Reasons for the pre-suspension are for the officers putting Council (Employer)/Department in disrepute as well as disobeying Standing Orders by way of their unprofessional conduct.

The pair is based at Tokoza Precinct in the EMPD Southern Operational Region.

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