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Has Economic Freedom Fighters won overalls battle?


“EFF’s understanding of the constitution and the basic value of democracy is superior to that of the ANC”.

These were the celebratory words of the Economic Freedom Fighters spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi after a ruling that allows the party members to wear red overalls in the Gauteng legislature.


In July members of the party, now known for its rowdiness in parliament were chased out of the Gauteng legislature by the speaker Ntombi Mekgwe for wearing red overalls emblazoned with “Asijiki”.

The party argued that their overalls are representative of the workers who voted them into power and should therefore be accepted.

Police were called to escort EFF members out of the provincial parliament. But the EFF were adamant that they would continue wearing their “workers’ clothes”, and even marched to the legislature over the matter.

Police tried to block them from entering the building in Rissik Street in Johannesburg, but there was chaos. The Gauteng legislature laid criminal charges of trespassing, damage to property, and intimidation against the EFF.

Gauteng legislature deputy speaker Uhuru Moiloa said the case against EFF would continue as the matter is with the police.

He also explained that what the EFF called victory was actually a logical move by various parties in the legislature to ensure that the EFF follows the rules. “We cannot be bogged down by politics gimmicks of overalls. We are about improving the quality of life for people of South Africa and we reigned in the EFF. The party now has a responsibility to follow the rules.

He added that no other party could sway them into making decisions that could turn legislature into anarchy and lawlessness. “We can always use the ANC majority rule when there is that threat,” he said.

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