Home Scandals Drunk Mangosha attacked after bonk!ng a man at a funeral

Drunk Mangosha attacked after bonk!ng a man at a funeral


A man and a woman openly had s#x at a funeral.According to Punch, a funeral was being held in Umuduru Village in Anambra State in southern Nigeria.

A drunk woman who was allegedly a magosha apparently decided to put on a “show” and grabbed a young man to poke, right in front of the mourners.

The show nearly backfired when outraged mourners attacked them. The woman managed to flee but the man would have been sent to an early grave if elders hadn’t intervened and rescued him.



A source is quoted in Punch’s report as saying: “It was gathered from an eyewitness that a woman believed to be a commercial s#x worker living in one of the brothels in this community, apparently under the influence, said she wanted to perform `a show’.

“As part of the show, she stripped and dragged a young man simply known as `Chinwuba’ from Ogboro Umunwaji Village in Ihiala out of the crowd. Both engaged in a s#x orgy right in front of onlookers.

“Some angry youths pounced on them and in the process, the lady escaped. But Chinwuba was not that lucky. It took the intervention of the elders who restrained the irate youths from sending the man to his early grave.

The elders then decided to punish the man by making him bring them six cartons of beer and a cash fine.

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