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Dog bites woman’s pun@ni


She said she was going to work on Saturday morning when she bumped into a man training his two dogs on the street.As she passed, one of the dogs started chasing her.Rose said she tried to hit it with a bag she was carrying but it didn’t back off.

“I made the mistake of trying to kick it. It was then that the dog got a chance to sneak its jaws in under my leg to bite me,” she said.


She said she was lucky the owner got to her before the dog had a chance to bite her again.

Rose, who was left with a painful wound after the attack, said what angered her most was that the owner didn’t take responsibility.

“He just told me he was sorry, but that won’t heal my punani,” she said.

Rose said she opened a case against of negligence against the owner.When he was phoned the owner,said: “I’m sorry for what happened.“It was an unfortunate incident that was unavoidable.

“One minute, the dog’s leash was in my hand and the next, it had slipped.”

Benoni police spokeswoman Captain Nomsa Sekele confirmed a case of failure to prevent an animal from causing injury was opened but no arrest was made.She said the docket was sent to the senior public prosecutor for a final decision.

Police spokeswoman Meg Wilson said Rose needs to open a case with the police in terms of the Animal Matters Amendment Act.Wilson said: “The matter will be taken to court and the magistrate will decide what happens to the dog and what the owner will need to pay for any medical bills or damage caused.”

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