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DJ Sox admits that drugs almost ruined his life

DJ Sox

RECOVERING drug addict DJ Sox, whose ­real name is Mbuso Sokhela, is happy to be drug-free! The DJ from Durban, who is ­attempting to rebrand himself, made a confession on his Twitter ­account: I’m a recovering drug addict and I’m celebrating exactly one year clean!DJ Sox

He was interviewed by Gagasi 99.5FM on the same day, when he confirmed that he was a former drug junkie.In the live radio interview, former top Durban DJ confessed to having used weed and ecstasy. He said the turning point for him was the advice he got from people who had loved ones suffering from drugs.“I’d been using drugs for the past seven years. My life was almost ruined by drugs. It was sheer luck that I met some good people who offered me moral support,” said DJ Sox.

He said the music scene is influential. “Through music, they don’t push positive messages. Constantly you hear something about drugs,” he added. He said at first it was difficult to overcome the addiction. DJ Sox told the People’s Paper: “Having ­become accustomed to drugs for some years, I couldn’t take in cool drinks.”

It was suspected that the DJ was on drugs, although he often denied this. When the SunTeam contacted him for a comment, he said: “My recovery from drugs has nothing to do with the print media. It was for my own good. Hope you respect my decision. I’ll talk to you when the time is right.”

Back in 2007 it was reported that the club DJ lost his Chrysler Crossfire due to his drug addiction, as he was battling to keep up with payments to the dealer. Sunday Sun spoke to his close friend who didn’t want to be named, he said: “It’s been long time coming, the drugs are the reason that his music career took a nose dive. Seeing his friend DJ Tira excelling successfully in the music scene always killed him,” said a friend.

When contacted for comment this week, DJ Sox didn’t want to go into details of what drugs he took or when did he realiese that drugs where ruining his life.Catch DJ Sox this weekend in Durban.

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