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DJ Plays Wrong Song


DJ Oria loves the song Big Momma.

He knows that when he plays the Nutty Nys song, the people will get up and dance.Big mama

But because of Big Momma, Oria now has wrecked equipment, wobbly teeth and a painful shoulder.

When DJ Oria, real name Oria Mogale, was asked to play at a tombstone unveiling for the Msiza family of Klipgat, near Mabopane in Thshwane, he gave it his very best.

The function started at 9am on 15 December and Oria played music all day long.

He was supposed to play until all the guests had left, but disaster struck at about 7pm when Big Mommaburst out of the speakers.

In the song, the singer sings about his “Big Momma” with the big buttocks, who drives him crazy and keeps him warm.

“Many loved the song and people were dancing and singing along,” Oria told Daily Sun.

But not everybody loved the song!

“One of the family members approached me. His wife is big and I think he thought that I was insulting her by playing the song,” Oria said.

The man poured beer over his computer and pulled the plugs from the music system.

“Then he klapped me in the face. I tried to fight back, but his family joined him and they all beat me up,” said Oria.

After the attack, DJ Oria’s friends rushed him to Odi Hospital, where he was treated and discharged.

“My front teeth are loose and I struggle to bite things, and my right shoulder hurts all the time.

“They have to pay for my medical expenses and I also want them to replace my damaged equipment,” said the angry DJ.

He said he could not understand at all why he was assaulted.

“I also like the song, but a DJ doesn’t play what he likes – he plays what the people like,” he said.

He laid a charge of assault on Christmas Day and two members of a family were arrested, including the man who attacked him first.

Sergeant Kealeboga Molale said the two men were released on warning pending investigations. They are due to appear in Ga-Rankuwa Magistrates Court next Tuesday.

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