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DJ Ganyani’s hit single Xigubu is making waves


DJ Ganyani’s hit single Xigubu is making waves with its unique beats that have music lovers hitting the dance floors.DJ Ganyani1

The song is from Ganyani’s eighth studio album, Ganyani House Grooves 8.

The producer told SunBuzz that music lovers in countries such as Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe are crazy about the song.

“The song is just so amazing. If you listen to the beats on this song, they’re almost like the ones on Be There,’’ said Ganyani.

“I said to the guys that we needed a partner song that would support Be There, and Xigubu is the answer.”

He acknowledged the similarities on vocals between Xigubu and DJ Zinhle’s My Name Is but denied any link between the beats on the two songs.

“There is just no relation between my song and Zinhle’s except the vocalists, who have almost the same voices,’’ said Ganyani.

“Many people get confused, thinking it’s the same person singing on the two songs.”

Thandi Mokgoankgoa, known as Fiesta Black, is the lead vocalist on Xigubu and her voice sounds almost like Busiswa of Kalawa Jazmee who sings in DJ Zinhle’s My Name Is.

DJ Zinhle admitted that there were similarities between her song and Ganyani’s, but only on the lead vocals.

She praised Ganyani’s creativity and choice of beats on his song.

“The beats of the two songs are absolutely different, but the voices of the two vocalists are almost the same,’’ said Zinhle.,

“A lot of our people are confused and one can understand that.

“Ganyani’s song is great and is going to be the biggest song of our time.”

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