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Denzel and Huddah sent packing from BBA


AFTER only a week in the House, Huddah and Denzel have been sent packing! On Sunday evening, quirky Ugandan Denzel and sexy Huddah from Kenya became the first two housemates to be evicted from the game.

Huddah and Denzel
Huddah and Denzel

The pretty Kenyan had emerged as a rather strong personality, as evidenced by her candid Diary Sessions, where she held no prisoners.

Denzel, on the other hand, proved to be a colourful character who entertained his fellow housemates and viewers alike with his zany antics.

Sunday evening’s evictions proved to be rather taxing emotionally, not only for Huddah and Denzel, but also for Ruby Head of House Beverly and Diamonds Head of House Feza.

The two had to stand in front of their fellow housemates to reveal their respective “Save and Replace” decisions. You could almost hear a pin drop as a deafening hush fell over the lounge when Feza stood to her feet to reveal her swap. When she finally revealed she had put Betty up for possible eviction, the Ethiopian pulled a face and seemed to take it in her stride. Over in the Ruby House, the tears flowed freely after Bev revealed her swap. Clearly, being HoH isn’t as glamorous as many people think it is.

When Denzel was told of his fate by Live Show host IK, the Ugandan gave a defeated smile and quickly made a beeline for the eviction doors. When it was revealed that Huddah was on the first flight back home, the distraught Kenyan cried bucket-loads of tears.

Her love interest, Angelo, was left shell-shocked too.

All he could do was sit with his mouth half open in disbelief. — DStv.

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