Home Mzansi News MY DEAD SON IS ALIVE, who did I bury 7 years ago?

MY DEAD SON IS ALIVE, who did I bury 7 years ago?

MY DEAD SON IS ALIVE, who did I bury 7 years ago?

FOR SEVEN YEARS Bhekani Mbambo’s family believed he had drowned in a swimming accident as a 13-year-old MY DEAD SON IS ALIVE, who did I bury 7 years ago?boy.

But last week his sister found herself face to face with a 20-year-old man who looked just like Bhekani.


Maphiwe Mbambo (28), Bhekani’s sister, met the young man at a wedding in Jozini, in the far north of KZN.

“The boy I saw at the wedding is definitely my brother. He told me he was Bhekani. He called me by my first name and said I looked like his sister,” Maphiwe told Daily Sun.

“I was so happy to see him but I was also hurt. It looked as if he was working very hard where he is now.”

He told her he didn’t know how he ended up at the inyanga’s house. “He said he wanted to go home with me because he was the inyanga’s slave,” she said.

Maphiwe’s mother, Nomusa Mbambo (45) from KwaQhilika, outside Empangeni, said Maphiwe phoned her from the wedding.

Maphiwe wanted the young man to come home on the bus with her but guests refused.

“They said they were scared of the boy’s inyanga. They feared the inyanga would cause the bus to have an accident. They left my son crying and begging at the wedding,” Nomusa said.

She also spoke to the local induna. “The induna told me my son was alive and somebody had performed ukuthwebula on him to take his spirit.”

The induna said he asked Mthunzini cops to go to Jozini to fetch her son. “But the cops told the induna they are scared of going to an inyanga’s house.”

She said she must find out who is buried in Bhekani’s grave.

“That is my son. I saw the photo that Maphiwe took at the wedding. He is now grown up and I want him back,” she said.

“I have told the induna the grave will have to be exhumed after we get Bhekani back from Jozini.”

Nomusa said she was raising money to get Bhekani back.

Local induna Mafuthemfene Ngema said: “I have contacted the police and Nomusa must first open a case with them. I’m also contacting the local councillors to help us bring the boy back.”

Traditional Healers Association chairman Sazi Mhlongo said Nomusa should take Bhekani’s photos, birth certificate and death certificate and go to the police.

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