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Found Dead without his Pénis


THE Radebe family buried their beloved son at the weekend –  with his 4-5 missing!true scewne

Vusi’s body was found in a shallow grave at an initiation school in New Canada, Joburg, two weeks ago.

Vusi (25) was hacked to death, allegedly by initiation school chiefs. His right hand and private parts were missing.

Vusi, who was initiated 10 years ago, went missing on 3 December after he went with a friend to visit an initiate at the school at New Canada.

Cousin Bafana Zimba (43) and sister Khabonina Radebe (42) told Daily Sun that the worried family searched everywhere.

“On 15 December Vusi’s friend said he and Vusi were attacked at the mountains and Vusi was severely beaten,” Bafana said.

The family found two initiation school chiefs in the bushes in New Canada.

“We took them to the police and they showed us where Vusi’s remains were buried,” he said.

“We dug and found Vusi’s rotting body. His right hand and private parts had been removed.”

Bafana said the two chiefs told cops that an inyanga took Vusi’s parts. Vusi’s hand was later found in a bucket in a nearby grave.

Khabonina told Daily Sun: “The whole family is hurting.”

She urged parents whose boys died at initiation schools to speak to the police.

Captain Tsekiso Mofokeng said: “We arrested two suspects. There’s a possibility of more arrests.”

Solomon Mofokeng, Sedibeng Initiation Forum chairman, said: “Illegal initiation schools give the practice a bad name.”

Solomon said 113 young boys were reported missing this summer and three boys died at initiation schools.

Vusi was buried at Phomolong Cemetery near Orange Farm, south of Joburg.