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Dead man leaves wife in trouble

DAVID Khumbane was fatally shocked while working on live electric wires at his nyatsi’s house.

DAVID Khumbane was fatally shocked while working on live electric wires at his nyatsi’s house.Dead man leaves wife in trouble

But that wasn’t the end of the shocks.

Nyatsi Eliza Mamba found out that David had been giving her clothes to his wife.

For two years, David lived with Eliza (30), leaving his wife Nonhlanhla Mantimakhulu (26) and his kids to fend for themselves.

When David was killed, Eliza called cops to take his body from her house in Naas near Tonga, Mpumalanga.

Then she called Nonhlanhla and told her David’s body was at the government mortuary and she should bury him herself.

The next day, Eliza took his clothes to widow Nonhlanhla. That’s when she saw clothes she had been missing hanging in Nonhlanhla’s wardrobe!

Eliza became angry. She accused Nonhlanhla of theft. But Nonhlanhla said David gave her the clothes as a gift.

The unhappy widow told Daily Sun: “Eliza stole my man, and now she’s accusing me of stealing her clothes.

“But these were gifts from my husband.

“Mourners had to rescue me when she grabbed and tossed me around the room.”

Nonhlanhla said David was with Eliza for two years while his children starved.

Now that he’s dead, she’s abandoning him, she said.

Nonhlanhla said she had no money to bury David.

“We shared this man –  she must help me to bury him.”

Eliza said she has a child with David and she helped him with everything because he was jobless.

But she said her love and respect for him died with him.

“He was a thief. He stole my clothes to give his wife. I think he was with me to steal for his family. He didn’t love me!”

Nonhlanhla’s neighbour, Sakina Ndlovu (50) said: “We asked the induna to help Nonhlanhla. We need help for the burial and food.”

Cops have opened an inquest docket.

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