SIBONGILE Fakude says a strange thing inside her has been keeping her awake at night since November last year.

At first, she thought she had a minor illness that wouldn’t last long.

But her sleepless nights went on so she consulted doctors.Moving snakE

They could not find anything wrong with her.

Now the 41-year-old mother-of-three claims there’s a creature living in her body –  and she suspects it’s a snake!

She told Daily Sun: “Every night it moves from my back, through my shoulder and neck, and ends up at the top of my head.”

And when it’s in her head, she can’t sleep.

Sibongile said the creature only disturbs her at night.

She said she sits on the mat in her lounge all night.

After doctor’s failed to help her, Sibongile consulted more than 15 sangomas.

They told her that a relative had fed her idliso.

“I’ve tried everything,” said sad Sibongile.

“I even poured a little petrol on my body where this thing moves and set myself alight, hoping it would burn.”

Sibongile said her strange problem also affected her kids.

Sometimes they sit with her all night, and sleep for only a few hours before going to school. Sibongile’s daughter (18), who didn’t want to be named, told the People’s Paper her mum’s problem is affecting her, especially when it comes to school work.

“My performance at school has dropped because I’m always thinking about my mum.

“I just wish my mum would be healed so she could find peace,” she said.

Sibongile is appealing for help.

Sangoma Mandla Mnqwazi said the problem was that somebody had cast a spell on Sibongile.

“That’s why she cannot sleep at night.

“This has been done on purpose.”

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