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Couple beat up woman takes her panties now she wants them back


A YOUNG mother had her panties torn off by a couple who was beating her. They tore the underwear in two and gave her back one half but kept the other.Panty

Now Portia Mmethi (21) from Lusaka in Mamelodi East, Tshwane, lives in fear that an evil spell will be put on the other half of her panties.

Portia told Daily Sun: “I was going to the shops carrying my 18-month-old baby at about 7.30pm on 16 April.

“I ran into a local woman who said I had been disrespectful to her. She then attacked me so viciously that I dropped my baby. While she was beating me, a man came along and joined in for no reason.

“While they were roughing me up, they pulled off my panties, tore them in half and gave me back the one half.

“The people who attacked me live nearby but I don’t know why they beat me. It worries me that they have half of my panties because I don’t know what they plan to do with them.”

Warrant Officer Michael Mbewe of Mamelodi Police Station confirmed that charges were laid by both parties in the dispute but the investigating officer was waiting for a decision from the court before making any arrests.


-Daily Sun

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