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Councillor offered her a job in exchange for séx


THE 24-YEAR-OLD woman was desperate to help her mother raise her family, and would have done anything for a job.job for sex

So when the councillor offered her a job in exchange for sex, she agreed but she never got the job. All the councillor ever gave her, she claims, was HIV/Aids!

The young woman, from Kwazamokuhle near Hendrina in Mpumalanga, said she met the councillor through her uncle in 2011. The councillor was in charge of a construction site where her father worked.

“Later in the year, he called me and said he could get me a job at the same site as my father,” she said.

He told her to go to his house with her ID book. It was midnight.

When she arrived, he told her only women who had sex with him got jobs.

“When I refused, he locked the door,” she said.

He asked if she had Aids and she said no but when he grabbed her she did not resist. “I let him have sex with me without a condom,” she said.

Four months later she called the councillor, but he did not have a job for her. Instead, he told her to get an Aids test, and hung up the phone.

“I had a test and the result came back positive,” she said.

“Nurses said the person who infected me was already on ARVs at the time.” She called the councillor, but he said she should not worry.

“He said he was still arranging the job for me,” she said. But the job never came.

Thembi started taking ARVs this year.

She reported the matter to the regional ANC chairman, Speedy Mashilo, and the cops.

“This man has to be stopped,” she said.

Sergeant Gerald Sedibe confirmed that Thembi had laid charges against the councillor.

“The charges were later withdrawn because there was just no prospect of a successful prosecution,” he said.

Attempts to get comment from the councillor were unsuccessful.

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