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Chickens are gogo’s friends

Chickens are gogo’s friends

SHE was lonely for most of her life but now she has good friends her pet chickens! Gogo Betty Mdlalose (72) from Ivory Park extension 8 in Ekurhuleni told Daily Sun that animals understood her better than humans

She said she had been sharing her two-roomed house for 10 years with chickens.

“I share my food with them. They eat pap and vegetables and are very healthy,” said Betty.Chickens are gogo’s friends

“I don’t eat chicken because it’s like eating my friends. All my life, I have considered animals my best friends because they don’t bring hurt or pain to anyone’s lives,” she said.

Betty said she used to have seven chickens but thugs stole five, leaving her with two.

They also stole her roofing and she had to replace it with plastic because she had no money.

She said the house got drenched when it rained and she was scared her chickens would get sick.

Betty survives on her pension money and sometimes Good Samaritan Zuluboy Mpeneng helps her with food parcels.

Zuluboy said he realised that the gogo was suffering when he visited the area with a friend last year.

“I was upset by seeing where she lives and I thought it would be good to help her with groceries.

“But she needs immediate help to have her house roofed or she will get ill.

“Nobody deserves to live the way gogo Betty does. Something needs to happen,” said Zuluboy.

A neighbour –  who didn’t want to be named –  said whenever it rained, the
gogo was forced to sleep in a wet bed.

“It’s sad to see her suffering like that,” said the neighbour

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